Deep Data Insight


Big Data is all the rage.  And, why not?

Processing petabytes at the speed of light creates great opportunity for analysis.  But, what’s really important is deep data.  Deep data delivers deep insight and deep insight drives profitable actions.  MKT Analytics specializes in going deep.


"MKT Analytics’ broad experience with data analysis, spanning a variety of businesses, makes them excellent consultants. When they engage with new clients, they get right to the crux of what's important in their strategy to make use of predictive analytics."

"MKTA is thorough and detailed in their analysis, yet approachable and very easy to work with. They take their business relationships seriously and will always go out of their way to make certain the client is satisfied."

Steve Lackey, Sr. Consultant, TechMileage, LLC

“MKT Analytics provided new insights into the business, created a framework to explore customer behavior, and developed a vision for our functional area of how we would add value to the organization. “

Bob Goldsmith, Sr. VP, Marketing, Oriental Trading Company

“MKT Analytics displayed great vision for how to apply analytics across the entire business while at IHG. They have a rare ability to translate business requirements to analytical staff, and then communicate the results back to the business in their own language.”

Zubin Dowlaty, VP/Head of Innovation & Development, Mu-Sigma, Inc.


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