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Big Data is all the rage. And, why not? Processing petabytes at the speed of light creates great opportunity for analysis. But, what’s really important is deep data. Deep data delivers deep insight and deep insight drives profitable actions. MKT Analytics specializes in going deep.

Whether it is a simple data quality assessment, a detailed campaign analysis or a complex predictive modeling exercise, MKT Analytics will deliver a high-quality, insightful and thorough product. We have experience across dozens of industries and analytics applications and have partnership arrangements with companies in predictive analytics, software development, direct marketing, market research and loyalty/incentives.

Data-Driven Decisions

MKT Analytics offers a full range of customer and marketing analytics services, ranging from data quality assessments to customer profiling and segmentation to campaign response analysis to predictive modeling to implementation of analytics solutions. The emphasis is on providing actionable information to drive improvements in revenue, profit and ROI.

If you’re still stuck at Standard Reporting, beware. A lot of crashes happen when you’re looking in the rearview mirror. MKT Analytics will help you transition to a forward-looking use of analytics to guide your business and improve your profits.

Analytics Evolution Graphic

Strategic Data Assessment

Data Monetization Strategy

Data Quality Assessment

Data Collection Strategy

Planning to Predict Readiness Assessment

Descriptive Analytics

Report Design

Direct Marketing Test Design

Campaign Analysis

Customer Profiling

Customer and Market Segmentation

Digital Analytics

Web Metrics

Attribution Modeling

Social Media Profiling


Decision-tree Segmentation

Similarity Scoring

Cluster Analysis

Predictive Analytics

Acquisition Modeling

Retention / Attrition / Dropout Modeling

Cross-sell / Up-sell Modeling


“What - if?” Scenario Generation

Customer Lifetime Value Management

Intervention Effects

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